What is the FEKM-UK?


Eitan Krav Maga, our instructors and our students, are proud members of the FEKM-UK – the UK Sector of the European Federation of Krav Maga. The Head Office of the FEKM (in French that is the Fédération Européenne de Krav-Maga) is in Paris. Our federation’s founder and President is Richard Douieb (Black Belt 5th Darga) who was given the mandate to develop Krav Maga in Europe by Imi Lictenfeld (1910-1998), the founder of Krav Maga.

The FEKM now includes over 20,000 members in 13 countries: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and, more recently, Germany, Canada and the USA.

Eitan Krav Maga follows the values, technical program, teaching methodology and grading system of the FEKM. Our instructors train in Paris under the direction of Richard Douieb on a regular basis. Our students also have the opportunity to join us for the annual FEKM Winter Course held in Paris each December/January. As a student of Eitan Krav Maga you will be registered and licenced with the FEKM-UK. You will be issued with an FEKM-UK ‘passport’ with a unique membership ID. All your Krav Maga training, gradings and instructor training courses (for those who take on the instructor journey) will be listed and certified in your FEKM-UK passport. More information on the FEKM-UK and the FEKM can be found at www.fekm-uk.com and www.krav-maga.net.