Krav maga training south london with Eitan

Krav Maga Training South London with Eitan

At Eitan Krav Maga we are a team of instructors and practitioners – Vicky, Vincent and Nicholas. With over 25 year of martial arts and Krav Maga experience each member of the team brings their own unique personality and energy to Krav Maga training sessions. What we all have in common is a love of Krav Maga training and sharing the immeasurable benefits that Krav Maga brings to our students. Awareness, confidence, fitness and the sense of peace and calm that comes with knowing that you have the skill to take care of yourself and others in any situation. We believe there is no better Krav Maga training South London. But don’t take our word for it – complete the short contact form here and come and join us for a complimentary training session as our guest.

Krav Maga is a tough workout, but that certainly doesn’t stop us having a great time too! Our students and instructors train as a team and develop as a team. We are a part of a large Krav Maga community and social events are not infrequent, as you will see on our social media profiles.

The Eitan Krav Maga team reflects our students with approximately 35% women and 65% men. We are of different ages from 14-67 and from all over the world.

Come and join us and develop unrivalled self-defence and contact combat skills within a safe, fun and supportive team. Complete this short contact form and come and join us for a complimentary training session.

Our Federation, the FEKM-UK

We are proud members of the FEKM and  FEKM-UK (European Federation of Krav Maga – Sector UK) which has schools across the UK and Northern Ireland. The FEKM as a whole covers Europe from Norway to Ireland with over 20,000 members in 11 countries. At Eitan Krav Maga we follow the FEKM curriculum, teaching methodology and instructor qualification program. Our FEKM-UK President is Eric Tagliana and our Technical Director is Yann Veillerant who are both Black Belt 3rd Darga, with their own highly successful club in Paris, KMC92. With regular instructor training, Masterclasses and constant review of our standards, Yann Veillerant and Eric Tagliana ensure that we maintain the high standards required of every FEKM member club worldwide.

Our Federation, Code of Ethics

All members of our federation abide by the following code

  • Honesty, non-aggression and humility
  • To respect our instructors and training partners
  • To respect our federation statutes and internal regulations
  • To use the techniques of Krav Maga exclusively for training during classes and for the purpose of defending our physical integrity, that of those near to us or of another innocent party
  • To always foster friendship and comradeship within the FEKM-UK, the FEKM and all martial arts and combat sports

Classes for Krav Maga Training South London

Our Krav Maga training South London includes 10 regular Krav Maga classes every week. Each class is 90-minutes and includes combat fitness, Krav Maga technical skills and sparring. We train on weekday evenings and on Saturday mornings.

We have five training centres across South London. These are at Dulwich College Sports Club, The Green Nunhead, Rye Lane Peckham, Crystal Palace and Gypsy Hill. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and weekly “all levels” classes where we all train together as a team. Our location maps and full training schedule is here.


As your Krav Maga skills develop, you will have the opportunity to join us for regular 3-hour and 4-hour Krav Maga masterclasses in:

  • Weapon defences
  • Specialist gun defences
  • Protection of others
  • Reality based conditions and stress management
  • Use of environmental weapons
  • With our technical directors from the FEKM-UK and highest level instructors from the FEKM

More information about our masterclasses here.

FEKM-UK Summer Course & FEKM Winter Course

The annual FEKM-UK Summer Course is held in July. four days of immersive Krav Maga training with Yann Veillarant, Eric Tagliana  and our FEKM-UK instructors. Opportunity to grade to the next belt level for students who have qualified.

The FEKM Winter Course is held in December in Paris. Four days of immersive Krav Maga training with Richard Douieb the head and founder of the FEKM (Black Belt 5th Darga) and our FEKM colleagues from across Europe and worldwide. Our students are welcome to join us. Opportunity to grade to the next belt level for students who have qualified.  More information about our annual courses here.