Join our next 3-hour KickStart Course and get hands-on experience of the powerful self-defence and close combat skills of Krav Maga. Come and train in a friendly environment with our FEKM qualified instructors and other students beginning their Krav Maga self-defence training.

This course is suitable for beginners and students with past combative training experience who would like to restart their training. This course is suitable for students at every fitness level – train at your own pace for your current fitness level. In fact, Krav Maga is an excellent way to get into shape and to stay fit and healthy while learning a valuable life skill. This course is suitable for men and women, regardless of age, weight, size. 

  • Experience the four core principles of Krav Maga – simple, fast, effective, controlled – and discover exactly how and why these principles are applied in every Krav Maga self-defence technique.
  • Learn simple, efficient defences against common street threats that you will be able to use immediately after the course. Practice defences and counters from chokeholds, typical street fight strikes, being grabbed and knife threats.
  • Partner work, drills, exercises and 1-1 instructor attention and feedback.
  • Bring a gym towel and water bottle – we’ll have everything else you may need.

Join us and find out exactly why Krav Maga is considered the best self-defence system in the world today. We guarantee you’ll walk away feeling mentally and physically re-charged – and a few inches taller. 

To help you make the decision right now we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you. Our KickStart Course is normally £40.00. Use coupon EITAN30 below and enjoy a 25% discount making your KickStart Course £30.00.  We have limited places at this special offer price. 

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