Learn to defend yourself.

Get confident. Get fit.

Learn a new skill.

Do you want the confidence of knowing you can defend yourself in any situation?

Would you like the challenge of learning a new skill?

Do you like the idea of getting into the fittest shape of your life?

Krav Maga. Be prepared to find your personal boundary. And exceed it.

Real life defence. Very informative, enjoyable and challenging.

– Dean T, Dulwich London

Friendly learning environment. Good way of keeping fit whilst learning a new skill. Good method of self-defence that anyone can learn and get really good at.

– T Lanson, Nunhead London

Thanks for another excellent training session last night. I’m already beginning to feel fitter.

– Mike J, Norwood London

The basics were very easy to pick up and the training environment, confidence and support of the instructors and other participants meant that I felt comfortable practising these in a room full of strangers!

– Katie S, South London

Krav Maga Training – Classes & Membership

Come to our Krav Maga KickStart Course and get hands-on experience of the principles that make Krav Maga training so formidable; simple, efficient, direct and controlled. In the 3-hour KickStart session, you will learn and practice the basic strikes and kicks of Krav Maga. You will apply all the principles of Krav Maga training and learn three defences for common street attacks that you will be able to use immediately.

Krav Maga training is nothing like going to the gym. It’s great fun, social and an excellent way to build and maintain strength, flexibility, agility and fitness. Sign up for our next KickStart Course below.

  • 3-Hour KickStart Course

  • £35
  • Ready to get hands-on training in Krav Maga?

    Experience the foundation skills and principles of Krav Maga and learn powerful defences against common street threats that you can use immediately after training.
  • Sign Up Here
  • Monthly and Annual Memberships

  • £70
  • Ready for serious fitness & life saving, self-defence skills?

    Train regularly and flexibly to fit your schedule. Get in great shape and get home safe - every time.
  • Sign Up Here

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