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6 Point Checklist: Finding the Best Krav Maga Near Me

6 Point Checklist: Finding the Best Krav Maga Near Me

When I first began my Krav Maga training I did what I imagine hundreds or thousands of people do every day. Naturally, I went straight to Google and asked for Krav Maga near me. Is that what you have searched too?

Readers of my previous articles will know that I am a fan of research. Perhaps with a dash of perfectionism thrown in too. So with that genetic predisposition off I went and started my search for Krav Maga near me.

How Hard Can it Be to Find Krav Maga Near Me?

My initial thought was, “How hard can this be? I’ll be training in my first Krav Maga class by tomorrow night.” Did I mention that I am also rather optimistic? Suffice to say that within 30 minutes in front of a Mac I was bewildered. 

After years of experience in both learning and teaching Krav Maga in multiple countries, I write this article with one singular purpose; to give you a concise checklist of exactly what to look for when you type in those magic Google words ‘Krav Maga near me’ as you begin your own Krav Maga journey. 

In doing so, my goal is to give you a great start in Krav Maga which I hope will grow into a lifetime passion that touches and transforms many areas of your life as it has for me. Let’s get started. 

Checklist 1: Are the Instructors Actually Teaching Krav Maga Near Me?

This may sound like a strange start to our 6-point checklist. You’ve just asked Google for Krav Maga near me. Naturally, you would expect the search to list clubs teaching Krav Maga right? Wrong!

In most counties, and definitely in the UK, the martial and fighting arts are an unregulated industry. This means that anyone can claim to be teaching authentic Krav Maga with little or no instructor training in Krav Maga. 

This can happen for example when a club or gym that is skilled in teaching other fighting systems, such as Muay Thai or Kickboxing, adds Krav Maga to their offering. Or a private instructor in other fighting skills simply adds Krav Maga to their skills profile. 

You’ll sometimes hear comments such as, “Krav Maga simply borrows from other fighting systems.” This is only a partial truth. Indeed, some Krav Maga techniques may look similar to a novice student. However, Krav Maga differs markedly from other fighting sports such as MMA or Kickboxing.

It is a self defence system designed from the ground up for reality-based fighting and survival.

This brings us neatly the second most important item on your checklist as you sift through the results of your Krav Maga near me online search.

Checklist 2: Are the Instructors Qualified to Teach Krav Maga Near Me?

This checklist item is more obvious and something you will almost certainly be thinking about yourself. But let’s dig in a little. What Krav Maga qualifications do the instructors actually have? For example, which Krav Maga authority awarded them their instructor qualification?

We’ll talk about Krav Maga federations in the next item on our checklist. 

How long was their own personal training journey in Krav Maga before they began their Krav Maga instructor training? Did they simply complete a course (at considerable cost) to be awarded a Krav Maga instructors’ certificate? Or have the instructors trained for years, with consistency and commitment, as Krav Maga students before their federation would even consider their application to begin instructor training and mentoring?

What access do the club’s instructors have to ongoing development of both their own Krav Maga skills and instructing expertise after qualifying? Who reviews the quality of their instructor skills over time? These are all important and related questions. 

Krav Maga is not a static ancient martial art. It is a living, breathing, evolving modern self defence system. It is imperative that this evolution occurs in the context of the highest possible Krav Maga standards and principles.  

Checklist 3: Is the Krav Maga Club Independent, Part of a National Federation, Part of a Global Federation? What Is Their Pedigree and Lineage to Imi Lichtenfeld? 

There are excellent Krav Maga instructors in all three categories – independent, national and global. The challenge for you as a new student is, how will you know who is excellent and who is not? 

Many Krav Maga students don’t look into this important item on our checklist when they start their research looking for the simple online answer to Krav Maga near me.

This was very important to me. Through research and subsequently as a student, I realised that choosing a Krav Maga training club on the basis of its federation affiliation is critical. 

In my experience I believe firmly that the global federations offer the most. There are only a few global Krav Maga federations to choose from. For example our own federation, the FEKM-RD. 

Here is my case for choosing to train within a global federation:

  • Global Krav Maga federations have direct lineage to the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld. In other words, the federation founders almost invariably trained directly with Imi Lichtenfeld in Israel. 
  • The global federations remain true to Imi’s teachings and the founding principles of Krav Maga that drive everything we do. 
  • They have deep layers of Krav Maga expertise developed over 30, 40, 50 years and this benefits both students and instructors at every level on a daily basis.
  • They have high, consistent, global standards in pedagogy. This means that federation instructors are of the highest quality through their teaching methodology.
  • They have carefully crafted teaching curriculums and globally recognised belt gradings. Students know exactly where they are and where they are going.

I’m a brand new student. Does this even matter?

You may be wondering why all this talk of lineage, pedigree and federations is even relevant to you as a brand new student. After all, you only just Googled Krav Maga near me 5 minutes ago! 

Here’s why it is not just important but critical to you. Choosing the right Krav Maga federation ensures that you will have an authentic, high quality and safe Krav Maga learning experience from day one.

This in turn will make it much more likely that you will continue your training and reach your self defence goals for you and your family in the shortest possible time. You may just be that student who finds their lifetime passion through Krav Maga. Wouldn’t you want it to be on the best foundation possible?

Checklist 4: Does the Club Have Multiple Training Locations? Can You Train Flexibly?

So now we have covered the big three items on our checklist as we search for Krav Maga near me. Let’s move to the more practical items. 

How often would you like to train each week? On what days? Do you have a changeable work and life schedule or is it fairly consistent? If you miss training on any given evening are you planning to make up for it at another session or not?

Will you want to top up your class based training with 1-1 private Krav Maga training at some point or not? These are personal decisions of-course.  

Thinking about your Krav Maga training needs upfront ensures that the club you choose to join has a good training schedule, the training flexibility you need, membership options to allow you to train as often as you can (and when and where you can) and opportunity for 1-1 private training as and when that becomes important to you. 

Whilst we are on the subject of practicalities make sure that your chosen club has both instructor and student martial arts insurance in place and that both instructors and students follow safety protocols fully in classes. Turning up to the work Zoom meeting the next day with a black eye is not ideal.

On a serious note, Krav Maga is a highly efficient system of neutralising threats. Safety in training is imperative.

Checklist 5: Free Taster Class or Quality Induction Training? 

I think there is a case for both approaches here. A free taster class will give you hands-on experience of both an instructor and the other students at the club. In other words, you’ll get to take part in a typical class. On the other hand, this can be daunting for brand new students.

It’s also not so much fun for the experienced students in the class when a newbie thumps them with force in their first attempt at a Krav Maga kick to the groin!

One of the most common things we hear in our induction classes is, “I was thinking about Krav Maga for ages, but I was worried that I would be the least fit/oldest/only woman/least coordinated student there and everyone else would be a trained assassin.”

Valid concerns, however, they turn out to be untrue and these internalised self doubts stop students constantly. Krav Maga was developed to suit a broad range of students. It was designed to be effective for both men and women, young and old at all levels of fitness.

Of-course for other students, turning up to a free taster class for the first time with no previous Krav Maga experience is not a problem. 

At EITAN Krav Maga we choose the induction class approach to introducing new students to Krav Maga. Here’s why: 

  • New students join a dedicated 3-hour induction class with other brand new students just like them. This makes for a more relaxed entry to their first Krav Maga session. Find out more about our KickStart classes here. 
  • New students get to experience two or more of our instructors both in a class setting and in personalised 1-1 feedback. 
  • New students learn complete self defence solutions to real-life threats that they can use immediately after their induction class. 
  • At the completion of their induction class, new students know with certainty that Krav Maga training is what they were looking for and so can continue their training with confidence.
  • At the completion of their induction class, new students have some key foundation skills in Krav Maga and so their transition to regular classes is smooth and easy.

Checklist 6: How Do You Feel? Inclusion and Diversity?

So we come to the final item in our checklist. When everything is said and done it’s important that you personally connect with the Krav Maga club that you finally select. 

Does their digital presence – their website, their social media, their photos and videos – resonate with you? Can you see yourself reflected in their student testimonials? Have the instructors’ blogs and articles addressed the things you have been thinking about, even worrying about? 

Learning Krav Maga should be a safe, social and enormously rewarding activity for anyone. As instructors we have a responsibility to ensure that the teaching of Krav Maga is reaching right into the communities who need us for their safety the most. So my final question for your checklist is, does the Krav Maga club reflect inclusion and diversity in everything they do? 

You can find out more and book your place on our KickStart classes for new students here.

Victoria Kitson

Senior Instructor
EITAN Krav Maga

International Women’s Day 2018: Empowering Women Through Krav Maga

In celebration and contribution to International Women’s Day 2018 EITAN Krav Maga will be joining FEKM federation clubs across the United Kingdom, Europe and the world in specialised Krav Maga Self-Defence training events for women. All our self-defence training events for International Women’s Day 2018 will be free to all women and teenage girls to attend. Our focus will be to empower women through Krav Maga, both physically and psychologically, in a single 2 to 3-hour training session, with skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

IWD 2018 FREE Women’s Self-Defence Course

Book Your Free Women’s Self-Defence Course

Women’s Self-Defence Course
International Women’s Day 2018
19.20-22.00  Thursday 8th March
EITAN Krav Maga, Trevor Bailey Building, Dulwich Common, London SE21 7EX

Book Your FREE Course Here

100 Years – Women’s Right to Vote 1918

This year we are also celebrating another very important date in the United Kingdom. 100 years ago on 6th February 1918 women suffragettes, at huge personal cost, finally won the initial right to vote. In fact, one of the first ever woman martial arts instructors in the the western world was the English suffragette, Edith Margaret Williams.

The ‘Suffra-Jitsu’ Bodyguards 

Edith Margaret Williams (later Garrud), a small woman of 150cm height, instructed her fellow activists in the core suffragette protection group known as “The Bodyguard” in secret locations. They trained in order to protect themselves and their suffragette leaders, such as Emmeline Pankhurst, against arrest and the brutality of the police. Williams trained them in Jiu Jitsu, the use of clubs as defensive weapons and tactics such as sabotage and subterfuge. “The Bodyguard” unit subsequently fought a number of well-publicised, hand-to-hand, combative confrontations with police officers who were attempting to arrest their leaders. And they somehow achieved this in long Victorian dresses, eight layers of petticoats and corsets.

One of the first ever woman martial arts instructors in the the western world was an English suffragette, Edith Margaret Williams (later Gurrud)

#Press for Progress

Coming back to the present, the theme of International Women’s Day 2018 is “Press For Progress”. And that’s no surprise. The Global Gender Gap Report 2017 by the World Economic Forum predicts that it will take 217 years to achieve gender equality at the current rate of change. The #MeToo campaign has also exposed the enormous scale of the threats and attacks across industries and nations that women and girls are systematically exposed to on a daily basis as they progress in their lives and careers.

All our self-defence training events in the UK for International Women’s Day 2018 will be free to all women and teenage girls to attend.

Transformation through the Simplicity and Power of Krav Maga

What a perfect time for us to share our passion for the simplicity and power of Krav Maga whilst making a huge contribution to women’s lives. All our self-defence training events in the UK for International Women’s Day 2018 will be free to all women and teenage girls to attend.

Our focus will be to empower women, both physically and psychologically, in a single 2 to 3-hour training session and to open up the world of Krav Maga to women who may not otherwise imagine it is for them.

International Women’s Day 2018. Empowering Women Through Krav Maga.

We will have a voluntary contribution or T-Shirt purchase to raise funds for the incredible work of the “Krav Maga Women Protect” charity. We will be teaching from the syllabus of 17 FEKM techniques identified as the most important for women by “Krav Maga Women Protect” in their work with the “Red Brigade” and the women in Lucknow, India. Our focus will be to empower women, both physically and psychologically, in a single 2 to 3-hour training session and to open up the world of Krav Maga to women who may not otherwise imagine it is for them.

Book Your FREE Course Here

Our Sponsors

EITAN Krav Maga thanks the management and team at Dulwich College Sports Club for their generous sponsorship of our International Women’s Day 2018 event – Women’s Self-Defence Course.

EITAN Krav Maga wishes all our sister clubs in the  FEKM-UK and our FEKM clubs around the world hugely successful training events for International Women’s Day 2018; transformation and empowerment through Krav Maga.

Humanist Values: Krav Maga Today

The Important Role of Krav Maga Today

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Krav Maga federation, the FEKM, we take a look at the role of Krav Maga today.

This blog is dedicated to a very important and timely message by the founder and head of our federation Richard Douieb (Black Belt 5th Darga). This editorial piece was published in the FEKM Webzine, Issue 4, June 2017. Click here for your full copy of the FEKM Webzine.


Dear friends

Here we are at the 20th anniversary of our Krav Maga federation, the FEKM.

History Of The FEKM

In 1987, I found that my work in security was lacking in interest. So, I decided to start the first training of KM in Europe. Initially, I only gave one class, then two per week. I thought that the dimension of my Krav Maga project would remain artisanal.

After 3 or 4 years the first Krav Maga ‘plagiarists’ arrived. They were followed by others, and then many more. That is why, 10 years later in 1997, I decided to create the European Federation of Krav Maga. I did not want to lose this discipline which is very important to me.

20 Years On – The FEKM In 2017

Today, as you know, in terms of members we are the biggest existing Krav Maga federation in the world. But our federation is not only important in terms of student numbers. It is also important in preserving the innovative principles that are the foundation of Krav Maga today. This is something which is not found in any other method of self-defence. Krav Maga is innovative and allows for continual improvement of its program, taking into account the new needs of recent years whilst also ensuring that we are not mislead “towards something else”. Finally, our federation has a duty to keep and transmit the humanist values ​​that come directly from its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Our federation has a duty to keep and transmit the humanist values ​​that come directly from its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld.

The World Today

I am well aware of the everyday difficulties of unemployment and of the world of work as I have experienced them myself, and especially those which the police are facing. I also understand that the values of our founder can ​​sometimes seem utopian. At such moments, nations are tempted to seek out authoritative and all-powerful heroes who will get them out of their difficulties. I do not decide the beliefs and position of each of you. I simply refer to what has already happened in the world in the history of mankind.

In times of economic hardship, or even famine, men have often sought a strong and radical authority to get them out of their difficulties. We are in the ideal period for the rise of such extremism.

In times of economic hardship, or even famine, men have often sought a strong and radical authority to get them out of their difficulties. We are in the ideal period for the rise of such extremism.

What I can say without uncertainty is that this direction that people have taken for remedy, from the far end of the Caucasus to the other end of the West, has invariably led humanity to catastrophes. It is only in times when they were not buried in totalitarianism and only after such disasters and misfortune that the men and women of those times realised that it was necessary to return to greater openness.

To confirm this, it is enough to look at the course of humanity since the Neolithic period. Throughout history the same causes have produced the same effects and not only in 1939-45 and during the Stalinist period. Why would it be different now?

Humanist Values – The Role Of Krav Maga Today

Our founder Imi Lichtenfeld carried strong humanist values. People who think differently can not rely on Imi and pretend to perpetuate his spirit. In any case, Imi’s humanist values will always be those of our federation, the FEKM.

Imi’s humanist values will always be those of our federation, the FEKM.

I wish an excellent 20th anniversary to all, including those who joined us well after our beginning and who continue this adventure with us.

Richard Douieb

Excerpt, FEKM Webzine, Issue 4, June 2017

Team FEKM-UK with Richard Douieb. Winter Course 2016 Paris.





Self-Defence Training – Is Krav Maga Right for Me?


The Benefits of Krav Maga Self-Defence Training

Why Anybody Can Enjoy the Benefits of Krav Maga

Krav Maga self-defence training teaches a valuable and effective self-defence system. It also promotes fitness, flexibility, speed and stamina. After a short time you will notice improved mental focus and clarity. You may also notice an increased ability to deal with stressful situations. If you would like these skills and benefits you may be considering joining a club. Here’s how to know if self-defence training is right for you.

Self-Defence Training Enjoyed by People of All Ages, Shapes, and Sizes

Krav Maga was developed to meet the needs of all people – not just super-fit, agile athletes. This Israeli martial art is enjoyed by a wide and very diverse group of people.

It does not matter what height, body shape, or current fitness level you have. You won’t feel out of place at a Krav Maga training session.  You’ll find a mix of students many of who are just like you. Typically a training session will be around 35% women and 65% men and an age range of teenagers to 65+.

Krav Maga is not like some of the sports-type martial arts, which have set moves that everyone must perform in a uniform manner. Krav Maga encourages adapting techniques to work for the individual. Some of us are just not built to kick opponents at head height. So why waste time on a technique that won’t work for us in a real-life threat situation?

If you’re fit and agile, or already practice a martial art, then you’ll enjoy adding this practical, real-life self-defence system to your existing combative skills. If you want to get fit, lose weight, become more confident, and learn a practical system of self-defence, you can arrange to come along to a training session. It’s the best way to judge the benefits for yourself. Simply complete a short contact form on our website or email us at

Friendly Encouragement and Teamwork

Krav Maga is a serious self-defence system, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. There is a level of care, focus, and concentration required while training but the lessons are conducted in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, not one of competition or triumph versus failure.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to do the training, or that you need to get fit first – stop worrying. You’ll be learning from experienced instructors who recognise that we’re all different and all need to progress at different speeds.

The friendly team-working doesn’t end with the training session. At Eitan Krav Maga we enjoy social occasions after training both at club level and with students in our federation clubs across the UK. This is a great way to extend your social circle, meet people from different walks of life and make new friends.  Especially if you’re new to London or the UK.

At Eitan Krav Maga everyone fits in and is welcomed. We’re all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses and together we make a great team.

Life Changing Results You Can Expect

Krav Maga self-defence training offers everyone positive changes that will benefit both body and mind.

To make Krav Maga effective in real situations, the training simulates the stress levels you will feel if facing a real threat. The training improves your mental sharpness and your ability to think clearly and act with confidence even in times of stress. In fact, the training will improve your clarity and decision making inside and outside the training room.

The positive body and mind changes will lead to benefits in many areas of your life; work, family and social life. Your health, fitness, energy levels and physical appearance will all feel and show the benefits of your Krav Maga training.

And let’s not forget that Krav Maga self-defence training primarily offers the benefit of keeping you safe – giving you the ability to avoid, escape from, or deal with any threat that you encounter.

What Are The Benefits That You’re Looking For?

You probably have your own reasons for considering Krav Maga self-defence training. Maybe there are specific benefits that you want. Perhaps there are personal concerns that you have. There is a simple way to find out how quickly you can achieve those benefits, or whether your concerns are a real challenge or not. Speak with an instructor who was once a beginner just like you. You can contact our instructors and have a friendly discussion on whether Krav Maga is right for you by calling Eitan Krav Maga on +44 (0)7976 294 825.

Would you like to learn more about Krav Maga self-defence training? Visit our website, read our blogs and take a look at what other students have to say. But in the end, the best way to find out whether Krav Maga training is right for you is to experience it for yourself. You can do that by contacting us at and joining us for a training session.

Does Krav Maga Training Really Make You Safer? 


How to Stay Safe in the Modern World

Krav Maga training claims to make you safer, but does it really work?

Imagine parking your car at night in a dimly lit street or car park. As you get out of the car and turn to face the door as you close it, a figure appears behind you. Many people who are not trained in Krav Maga, believe that the training kicks-in at this point and the combat skills learned are used to overpower the aggressor.

If you think that’s how learning Krav Maga works, then you would be right to question its effectiveness. Let me give you some insights into the real world of Krav Maga training. Let’s explore how this practical, real-life self-defence system will keep you safe.

Krav Maga Training is About Much More Than Physical Combat – The AAEC System

You may be surprised to hear that we train in Krav Maga in order to not fight. In other words, Krav Maga combat skills are a kind of insurance policy – just in case – but only used when absolutely necessary. What makes Krav Maga training so effective at keeping you safe is in fact its emphasis on awareness and avoidance of potentially dangerous situations. By learning how to develop and maintain a level of awareness and presence you will have at your disposal the proven 4 tier self-defence system of self-defence:

  1. Awareness
  2. Avoidance
  3. Escape or De-escalate
  4. Combat

The above skill sets are the foundation of Krav Maga training and you’ll see that they make far more sense than simply training to fight with your attacker.

Awareness – The First And Most Important Step To Staying Safe

You will be trained to be present, mindful and aware of your surroundings as a natural every-day habit. You will also be trained to know what behavioural patterns to look for and so you will become alert to potential threats often before they develop. That certainly doesn’t mean walking around in a constant state of Red-Alert! It means you train to get into a normal routine of assessing your surroundings and the situations you are entering. You begin making conscious choices to avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Awareness is absolutely key to effective self-defence.

Avoidance – The Second Step To Staying Safe

Awareness then naturally increases the chance of simply avoiding many situations that can threaten your safety. This happens in two ways.

  • Firstly, by you not putting yourself in unnecessary danger
  • Secondly, your own state of confident alertness will make you a far less desirable target

Going back to our earlier car example, after a short time training in Krav Maga you would instinctively look for a different, well-lit parking spot. And if that was not possible you would certainly assess the immediate environment before stepping out of the car.

With Krav Maga training you will learn and become aware of actions that make you vulnerable to would be attackers. For example, wearing headphones while jogging alone, walking along with your head buried in a phone as you send messages or getting into your car without glancing at the back seat first.

Escape or De-Escalation – Plan to Be Safe

Having a plan to escape or de-escalate a threatening situation will save you valuable seconds and make your actions fast and deliberate.

Let’s go back to our car parking example. Think of somewhere you regularly park your car. If you saw what you thought may be an aggressor and you had already stepped out of the car what would be your first action? What do you do if they demand your keys or wallet? What do you do if they demand you get back in the car? What do you do if they have a weapon?

Most people can’t immediately answer these questions – and if a potential threat occurs they would have the same dangerous hesitation. By training with Eitan Krav Maga you will train in and develop appropriate escape measures for the common situations and environments you enter such as public transport, walking along the street, arriving home alone, using cash points and attending crowded evening venues.

Combat – Effective Self-Defence

Sometimes in life of-course, no amount of avoidance can help you and escape is simply not possible. Dangerous situations can occur suddenly and very unexpectedly. Assailants are not novices – they have done this before. If you have not become aware of a potential threat and not been able to avoid it and there is simply no time or space for an escape you can certainly rely on Krav Maga self-defence and combative techniques to end the threat quickly and decisively.

Krav Maga is not an ancient martial art, it’s a modern form of combat training specifically developed by the Israeli military for dealing with the threats of the modern, real world. There are no elaborate movements, nor hundreds of katas and forms to learn and little by way of high-flying kicks for people who are are gymnasts.

Krav Maga training uses practical combat moves that are short and sharp, and very effective. You’ll learn how to attack vital pressure points, disable your attacker quickly and simply and apply techniques that are used by law enforcement, security and military forces around the world.

Krav Maga doesn’t look pretty. It’s not flamboyant or dance like and you don’t have to be an athlete or gymnast to learn this Israeli martial art. If you would like to learn more about Krav Maga you can view our website at and our Facebook page at

How to get started?

The single best way to learn about Krav Maga is to experience it for yourself! And you can do that by contacting us at or on +44 (0)7976 294 825 and come and join us for a training session.

Still not sure whether Krav Maga is right for you? Look out for our next article: Is Krav Maga Training Right for Me? We’ll be discussing what you need to become competent at this modern Israeli martial art that offers unrivalled self-defence training for everyone.