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A lot of women and girls learn from a young age to go along with things they are uncomfortable with, not to speak up or “make a fuss” when something happens to them. Krav Maga has helped me re-draw those boundaries

– Rachel S

I remember my first training session very well and the three basic Krav Maga principles I learned that evening: being fast, simple and effective can save my life

– Aneta L

Women’s Self-Defence course

Are you sometimes concerned about your personal safety? Does this stop you from feeling free to do some of the things you love?

Do you sometimes find that you go along with things that make you uncomfortable? Do you find you don’t know what to do when your personal boundaries are tested?

Does your work or your travel involve the potential for personal harm?

Are you worried about the safety of teenage girls in your family?

Have you had a threatening or dangerous experience and want the confidence of knowing exactly what to do should something happen again?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, our specialised Women’s Self-Defence Course is for you. Designed for the very specific safety needs of WOMEN & TEENAGE GIRLS, our 1-day immersive course is designed to empower women, physically & psychologically, with the skills to assert and protect themselves for a lifetime.

  • Use what you learn immediately after the course
  • Qualified, experienced, women instructors
  • Train in safe, fun environment with women just like you

The Training Day

Your training day will commence at 10.00 at the Bowling Green, Peckham Rye Park, London SE15 3UA. Your course will end at 15.00. There will be four sessions/topics. We will have a short break after each hour of training with the second break being 30 minutes for lunch. This course is suitable for all levels of fitness; each student works at their own pace and their own fitness level in a safe and supportive environment. At Eitan Krav Maga we are a team of qualified, self-defence training experts and your Women’s Self-Defence course will be led by experienced women instructors.

Course Highlights

  • Understand the three key stages of self-defence
  • Learn to identify threat and take appropriate, fast, pre-emptive action
  • Lots of hands-on practice
  • Learn simple, powerful, striking techniques e.g. elbow strikes, palm-heel strikes, knee strikes
  • Learn simple, fast releases from a wrist grabs, throat chokes, hair pulls
  • Learn to release from being pinned to the ground
  • Learn defences against knife threats
  • Understand the predatory mindset so that you can quickly and decisively identify potential threat
  • Know your rights in the law; assault, battery, self-defence, reasonable force

If that all sounds a bit serious, the truth is that we have lots of fun and laughter on our courses. We look forward to meeting you on your chosen course date.

All you need to do is get ready for a new challenge and a complete rethink of your own personal safety skills and capabilities.

Our course was featured in The Telegraph – Read the full article here

Eitan Krav Maga Women's Self Defence featured in The Telegraph
Eitan Krav Maga Women's Self Defence in The Telegraph

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