What sports equipment will I need for Krav Maga?

Initially, trainers, white T-shirt, black loose track bottoms, gym towel and a water bottle. We will bring everything else you may need.

Later on you might like to get your own martial arts groin guard – both women and men. We sell BLITZ quality quality groin guards for £10. You may also like to get your own shin guards. Again this does not need to be a big investment.

As you progress with your training, in about 3 months, you will need a mouth guard for sparring – these are only a few pounds. You may also like to invest in black Krav Maga bottoms as they are designed for combat freedom of movement whilst being tough enough to protect your legs from scrapes and wide enough to fit shin guards on the inside.

Finally, you may also like to get your own boxing gloves as correct fitting is very important for protecting your and your opponent. Have a chat with your instructors before you buy boxing gloves as they can give you great advice based on years of experience. We also have new Blitz Thai boxing gloves in sizes 10oz, 12oz and 14oz for you to try on in class.

As we buy volume Krav Maga equipment from BLITZ Sport we get discounts which we can pass on to you. As a general rule we can order any BLITZ  item for you at 10%+ discount on the BLITZ retail price. Just drop us an email and let us know what you would like to order.