Is there a social side to the club?

That’s half the fun, isn’t it? Meeting like-minded people who love training, keeping fit and learning an unrivalled self-defence and combat system. We are a diverse group of people, from different countries and cultures, of all ages, women and men, different backgrounds and occupations. It would be a real shame not to have a social side to our club!

We have regular post-training Saturday drinks at The Great North Wood – a lovely refurbished pub and garden opposite our West Norwood Leisure Centre training location. The Saturday 11.00-12.30 session is our “open” training session where all belts train together so it’s a great opportunity to train and socialise with team members of different belt gradings.

On Wednesdays evenings after training at The Green in Nunhead, we tend to pop into the Old Nun’s Head pub across the road where Burger Bear makes the best organic burgers in all of London.

We also have team dinners after Masterclasses with our FEKM technical directors, Eric Viellerant and Yann Tagliana (3rd Darga black belt), who come over from Paris on a regular basis.