I’m attending a 3-Hour KickStart Course. What can I expect?

Arrive early so that you can meet your instructors and fellow students. Registration for our 3-Hour KickStart Courses normally begins 15 minutes before the event start time. If you have not completed your course registration online, we’ll ask you to complete a short form including brief medical /injury information so that your instructors can keep you safe during training. We will also take the opportunity to find out what you would like to get out of your Krav Maga Course.

Training starts with a light warm-up, followed by a more physical warm-up, deep stretching and Krav Maga specific fitness training. This takes about 20-25 minutes as it is very important to get our bodies ready for flexibility, performance and injury-free training. We warm up as a team with each student doing the best they can based on their fitness level.

After warm-up your instructor will teach you the basics of Krav Maga – the neutral position, the guard position, the straight hand strike and the straight kick. There will be opportunity to ask questions, practice in changing pairs and get personal instructor direction and feedback. You will learn and experience in practice the four core principles of Krav Maga – simple, direct, efficient and controlled.

We’ll have a 5-minute water/snack break about halfway though the session. In the second half of the class you will learn a number of specific, realistic, defence techniques. For example, defence and counterattack from various choke holds and defence and counterattack from a typical street fight punches and knife attacks. You will be able to use these techniques immediately after training.

We will all do a final stretch and cool down before the end of the training session. We reserve the final 15 minutes of the session for individual 1-to-1 attention, questions, technique feedback, etc.