3-Hour Krav Maga KickStart Course

Our 3-Hour KickStart Course gives you hands-on experience of the powerful self-defence and close combat skills of Krav Maga. Come and train in a relaxed, friendly environment with our FEKM qualified instructors and other students beginning their Krav Maga self-defence training.

Places are limited for each KickStart Course so that our team of instructors can give you focussed attention. Tickets for this course are normally £35.00.
*** We have a SPECIAL OFFER price of £25.00 per student for our first course of 2018 on the 3rd February ***

  • Experience the four core principles of Krav Maga – simple, direct, effective and controlled
  • Discover exactly how and why these principles are applied in every Krav Maga self-defence technique
  • Learn powerful, defence and counterattack techniques against common street assaults that you will be able to use immediately after the course
  • Practice defence and counterattack from choke holds, defence and counterattack from typical street fight punches and knife threats
  • Lots of drills, partner work and opportunity for 1-1 instructor attention and feedback. Bring a gym towel, high-nutrient snack and water bottle

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