What Are the True Benefits of Krav Maga Training?



The Reality – Benefits of Krav Maga Training

When you think about the benefits of Krav Maga training that you might gain, you probably first think of learning self-defence skills. Wanting to learn how to defend yourself may of-course lead you to try a training session. But if that is the only benefit you think you will gain, you may not be motivated enough to consider creating time for Krav Maga training in your life and turning up regularly for training.

Attending too few training sessions to experience the true benefits of Krav Maga is why some people give up – sometimes after just one or two sessions – and often after using a free class offer or other marketing coupon.

Learning any martial art can be challenging. It requires some of your time, physical effort and a commitment to learning something completely new. As instructors, it’s our responsibility to motivate you to train long enough for you to personally discover and experience all the benefits of Krav Maga training that you will gain! So, in this article as a first step to motivation boost we share with you some of the key benefits of Krav Maga training.

If you’re thinking of joining us at Eitan Krav Maga, or if you’ve tried the training before but not continued with it, we strongly recommend that you commit to train for at least 6-8 weeks and ideally training twice a week. In that time, you will start to see and feel the benefits for yourself and you can then make an informed decision on whether you want to continue.

Improve Your Physical Fitness with Krav Maga Training

If you find pushing weights or hitting the treadmill boring and spending hours on gym machines lacking stimulation, then you really should try Krav Maga. The varied ‘fight’ fitness exercises, learning and practicing combat techniques, development of balance, co-ordination and fight movement, shadow fighting and partner sparring will provide a workout that challenges you both mentally and physically. 90 minutes will fly by and you’ll be surprised to hear your instructor calling, “OK, shin guards and groin guards off. Time for cool-down stretch.”

There are so many physical benefits of Krav Maga training. With stretching to increase flexibility and strength, stamina and cardiovascular exercises built into the 90-minute training sessions, you’ll get a challenging healthy workout that improves your all-round fitness level rapidly.

There’s also a real benefit for your important core muscle groups that protect your spine and are used for posture and balance. Many fitness regimes don’t develop these important muscle groups. Krav Maga self-defence training works your inner core muscles and quickly works to improve your balance and posture.

Physical Fitness and Self Defence Training Lead to Confidence

Your first task towards gaining real confidence is to contact us at Eitan Krav Maga London and then turn up for your first training session.

We understand that you might be worried about being the only newcomer. Or perhaps you’re wondering what the other members are like and whether you will you fit in. Your instructors are trained to support new students and will look after you and help you to gradually build your confidence and your fitness. They went through the same process when they were Krav Maga beginners.

After just a few weeks’ training you’ll know a number of simple, practical and effective ways to defend yourself in real-life situations. You’ll also start to learn what it means to be aware of and present to your surroundings – the first and most important step for effective self-defence. Your strength and stamina levels will improve and you’ll begin to feel confident about your ability to deal with, avoid, or safely escape from, whatever life throws at you. And these changes will start to show up in other areas of your life including work and home. You’ll find that other people will begin to notice and comment on the changes they see in you.

The Unexpected Mental Benefits of Krav Maga Training

There are some surprising additional benefits of Krav Maga training that you may not have considered. For example, with regular training you will find that your mental agility, sharpness and focus increases. You may find that you are sleeping more deeply and waking up feeling good. You will start to feel ‘at one’ with your body or, in other words, a sense of body and mind working together. In time, the principles of simplicity and efficiency that are so central to Krav Maga training and practice will begin to show up in other areas of your life and work.

The Self-Defence Benefits of Krav Maga Training

If you’ve ever thought about self-defence training, or had some lessons, you are probably wondering whether Krav Maga will actually work if you are threatened or attacked.  Maybe you also doubt your own ability to use combat techniques even if you learn them.

So, how can you be certain the techniques will work for you or that you will even be able to use them? Read the next article from Eitan Krav Maga where we discuss: Does Krav Maga Training Really Make You Safer?

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But the single best way to learn about Krav Maga is to experience it for yourself! And you can do that by contacting us at team@eitankravmaga.com or on +44 (0)7976 294 825 and come and join us for a training session.